Buying Gold With Classified Ads

If you’re looking to buy gold, one way you can get some great bargains is to advertise online or in newsprint classified ads.

Many of the leading buyers of scrap gold use classified ads to let folks know that they’re in business and willing to buy their old gold jewelry or damaged coins and electronics for scrap. The classifieds are a great way to reach a broad audience of people for a minimal investment.

Classified ads allow private individuals solicit sales or business. Classified ads are usually text only ads, but some also carry a picture of the item being sold, particularly online classifieds. Classifieds can consist of as little as just the item being sold and a contact number or can be more detailed, including a description of the product and the name of the buyer or seller.

With print classifieds, you often end up paying a by the line price for your ad. Many online classified sites offer free advertising, as they derive their revenue from other sources. Online classifieds reach a broader audience than print classifieds, but that audience may be a little too broad. If you’re seeking local people to bring in their gold to a local brick and mortar store, advertising in the newspaper of record in your area may be the tactic you need to use.

When placing a classified ad for gold, the most important thing for you to do is to describe the types of gold you’re willing to accept, your location and your contact information. These basic bits of information will bring sellers into your store — it’s up to you to make the deal.

Gold investment is extremely popular right now as an increasing number of investors are using it as a hedge against bad economic times. Cash-strapped people with old gold jewelry or gold coins may be seeking to liquidate their gold to pay debts or cover living expenses. For a gold dealer, this presents an opportunity to buy gold at a reduced rate and sell at a higher premium.

By buying scrap gold now, you can obtain a valuable commodity whose price is on a steady march upward. As of this writing, gold just passed the $1,300 mark, an important psychological barrier. Now that this price has been breached, analysts are predicting gold could soar to even greater heights, creating the potential for big profits for gold dealers who buy in now.

But to sell gold, you first have to own it. That’s why the broad appeal of classified ads may be helpful in bringing in the gold you need to acquire to succeed.

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