Gold plated coins

Gold plated coins

Gold plated coins are widely available and make good investment collectibles.

While gold plated coins may seem to be less valuable than gold coins, and it’s true that they sell for less than solid gold coins, gold plated coins can draw high values and make good investment material.

There are a variety of mints around the world that make collectible gold-plated coins, such as the British Royal Mint, Perth Mint and Royal Australian Mint, among others. The value in gold plated coins stems largely from their aesthetic value and the quality that goes into their crafting. Gold-plated coins can and do often command substantial prices from coin collectors.

In general, most gold-plated coins are struck in silver and have a plating of 99 percent pure gold. Other precious metals are used as bases as well, however.

A prime example of a valuable gold-plated coin is the Perth Mint’s gold-plated silver coin pendant. The coin has 99 percent silver as a base and is plated with 24 carat gold. The coin also has garnet stones worked into it. On the obverse of the coin is the United Kingdom’s Elizabeth II. On the reverse is a sign of the zodiac, meaning that there are 12 varieties of this coin.

Gold-plated coins are, for legal purposes, often treated as gold jewelry. However, some types are actually used as legal tender in some locales, such as the Cook Islands.

When buying gold-plated coins, there’s a few things you should keep in mind:

Homework — Do it. Learn about the coins you want to buy and get a good idea about value. You don’t want to buy an overpriced coin and you certainly don’t want to let any of your collection go for

Base metal — A portion of the value of a gold plated coin may derive from the base metal it’s made of. Metal such as silver will likely command a higher price than copper or bronze. However, rare copper-based coins can and do command higher prices than more common silver coins.

Rarity — Even if your coin has a less-than-stellar base, it may be worth more than you think it is based on rarity and scarcity.

Condition — What shape your coin is in can say a lot about its value. If you’re buying coins, keep them in a safe place. If the coin comes with a container, keep it in there. Minor scratches and scrapes can devalue a coin.

Trust — Only do business with coin dealers who have a good reputation. Various coin publications and Internet discussion forums can give you hints on how to tell the good guys from the hucksters.

For coin collectors looking for a less expensive investment than solid gold coins, or those interested in the artistry involved in gold plated coins, these coins are a great item. They’re a chance to turn a profit while engaging in a hobby you enjoy.

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