How to melt gold

For buyers of scrap gold, being able to melt down your gold and sell it to other dealers is important to your business.

Just about all of the gold ever mined is available in some form or other today. That means gold has been melted down, reworked and repurposed many times over. When gold is being recycled into something else, it’s often melted down first to help remove any other metals it may be alloyed with and to make it easier to rework into another form.

Gold is actually fairly easy to melt down and rework because it is a very malleable metal. Gold’s malleablility, along with its color and shiny appearance, are why the precious metal has been associated with jewelry since time immemorial.

If you’d like to melt down gold, you’ll need to do the following:

Place your gold into a crucible. A crucible is a container that can withstand temperatures hot enough to melt whatever is inside it. Crucibles for gold are mostly made of graphite and can be bought for about $8 on an onlne auction site. It’s important to ensure that your crucible isn’t cracked or damaged, though.

Once your gold is inside the crucible, you’ll need to put it on a heat-resistant surface at a place that is fireproof.

When this is done, you’ll need to ignite an acetylene torch and point it toward the gold inside your crucible. The torch flame should reach about 5,700 degrees, more than enough to melt gold (gold’s melting point is 1948.52 degrees).

You should aim the flame at the gold until it is completely melted. When the gold is melted, you’ll need to use a pair of crucible tongs, which can be purchased for about $30, to pick it up and pour the contents of the crucible into a mold. Ingot molds can be bought for about $80.

Once this is done, you’ll need to remove your gold from the ingot mold after it cools. Once the gold solidifies, you can sell your ingot or save it for later.

All varieties of gold investment are on the move right now, thanks to persisiting jitters about Wall Street and changes in government policy. Gold has done well historically during recessions. The bull run likely isn’t over yet, and by buying gold scraps, new investors can get in on this once in a lifetime opportunity.

Gold is a safe bet. But in order to make real money, gold buyers must be willing to melt down and sell gold. With an understanding of the process, gold dealers can melt down their own, or find someone who can help them.

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