Top 10 Best Gold Coins for Investing

Collecting gold coins has become popular recently because increased media coverage of the hobby and an economic downturn. Gold tends to do well during a down economy, and the present economic recession has been no exception. Gold coins are a great way to invest in gold because they’re fun to buy, are easily transported and stored and because of the intellectual challenge involved in finding and assessing gold coins.

Here are the Best Coins for Gold Investing:

24-carat bullion coins – Any 24-carat bullion coin is a good investment because they’re easily available, frequently sought after because of their gold content and because their price is linked directly to the value of the gold metal. Some popular gold bullion coins include Australian Kangaroos, American Gold Eagles and Canadian Maple Leaves.

Shipwreck certified gold coins – Gold coins that can be certified as having been in a shipwreck have a lot of cachet in the coin collecting world because of the history involved in the coins and the novelty of owning a coin that had to be salvaged.

Rare gold coins – Rare gold coins are a good investment, but only for experienced investors. It takes a numismatist with broad knowledge of the field to identify the best rare gold coins for investment. However, those that can, often obtain valuable gold coins at bargain prices.

Double Eagle gold coins – Buying classic U.S. gold coins like the double eagles gives you two avenues of investment growth – growing gold prices and increased value of rare gold coins over time. The double eagle coins are a commodity to watch because the beauty of these coins, designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, adds to their collector’s value.

British Gold Sovereigns – Because of their historical association with the old British Empire, and their relative scarcity, British sovereigns are a prized coin for coin collectors. If you’re lucky enough to get your hands on one of these, hold on to it. The price of these coins is almost certain to appreciate regardless of the price of gold.

Special edition coins from government mints – From time to time, government mints will put out special editions of coins. When they do, snap them up as their limited number will almost certainly drive their price up in later years.

Low-cost gold coins – From an investment standpoint, these coins might be a good chance to take because they’re already undervalued. By picking them up now and sitting on them for a few decades their price may increase if they become a hot item among collectors.

Ancient gold coins – Any time you can get your hands on a very old gold coin, do it. Ancient gold coins carry an immense historical value and are a great addition to any collector’s stock because their rarity and age makes them extremely valuable.

Swiss gold coins – These coins carry the cachet that goes along with Swiss gold. The Swiss reputation for financial acumen extends to their gold products, which routinely increase in value.

Australian Gold Kangaroos – These coins are some of the best known bullion coins in the world and Australian coins have a reputation for quality and beauty that will only enhance their value in the years to come.

Remember that gold coin investment is the investment of years, not months, so in most circumstances it’s good to invest in gold for the long haul rather than short term speculation.

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